Ladies Christmas Lunch 2021【Spring 2022 Newsletter】

Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership (TMP) Staff 

Satomi Suzuki

In December 2021, we had a blessed Ladies Christmas Lunch party. At first, we thought it would be good if 10 people came, but 21 ladies showed up at the event (including 3 staff members). TMP staff were filled with joy with this special Christmas gift from the Lord!  Since the Covid pandemic hit, it has been very difficult to meet people and especially hard to build relationships. In fact, there were a number of people that we had met a few times on zoom, but this event was the first time we have met them in person. There were also many people who joined despite not knowing much of what TMP was all about. I’m so thankful for this blessing of serving the Lord as a follower of Christ, having gospel partnership with these wonderful people.

I was also reminded that one of the greatest gifts that God gives us in our lives is “connection with people”. Meeting and connecting with people is a mystery in that we neither choose it nor can we rush it, but it is something that is given by God in his timing. As we nurture this gift of relationships with one another, we also become more aware of our immaturity, and grow more into a loving person experiencing the true joy of life.

To be honest, I feel deeply motivated to support others in sharing the gospel of Jesus with those around them in their workplaces. But I also feel a little hesitant, as I do not want to put pressure on people. However, I am looking forward to sharing even those unspoken thoughts with the ladies around me, and I hope that these God-given connections will grow into honest and warm friendships.   

I want to keep listening to the Lord, and continue reviewing how these relationships can be built up. I pray that this will not be just about enjoying fun times together through events, but true and lasting relationships in the Lord, supporting, building up, and comforting each other’s lives.

I also hope that these new friendships and connections will flourish and mature, and our lives and character as Christians will gradually but surely become more like that of Jesus Christ. I pray that this small circle of friends will expand five times and one hundred times more, as we taste and share the greatness of God, and as we live in honesty and truthfulness as God’s children. We are still at the starting point. I rejoice in the Lord for the blessing of experiencing this together with you.