2021 Spring Newsletter #3

“Quick meals” cooking ministry – with nutrition tips
  Presented by a certified nutritionist  

Hello there. My name is Yoko Hashino, and I work as the Samurai Projects developer, and as a translator and assistant at Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership. I would like to thank you for your prayers and support. I have been involved with TMP since April 2020.  My previous job was as a certified nutritionist at a hospital, so we began a “quick meals” cooking ministry to help busy Marunouchi workers eat healthy meals. Looking at the Bible, we can see that even before the fall in Genesis, people were created to enjoy “eating” ( ref. Genesis 2:9,16 ). And meals are also a time to rejoice and celebrate God with others, as the joy in the kingdom of heaven is referred to as a “banquet” (ref. Isaiah 25:6-8, Luke 14:15-24, Revelation 19:7-9) Food can also be compared to our spiritual needs, and Jesus said that he himself is our spiritual food.- I am the bread of life (ref. John 6:35) In this way, food symbolize our relationship with God and reminds us that we are physically and spiritually dependent on Him. At the same time, food is a God-given blessing, and when we share it with others, we can rejoice in God together. However, in today’s busy world, we often do not have as much time to share a meal with others in remembrance of God. I myself sometimes feel too busy to make time to eat. But just as God always provided food for His people when they were exhausted, food is essential both physically and spiritually. And a bad diet can result in poor health and illness. Through this ministry, we would like to make opportunities for people to enjoy food as a blessing from God and to take care of our bodies wisely. We hope you can enjoy our YouTube video in the midst of Covid, and in the post-Covid era we hope you will join us for cooking classes in person. We also hope that the cooking videos and cooking classes will be used to bring those who do not yet know Jesus into contact with the nourishment of his words in a casual setting.