2021 Summer Newsletter #3

New Staff Introduction

Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership
Takashi Kurachi, Staff

Hi everyone, my name is Takashi Kurachi and from April I started working at Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership (TMP). I spent 12 years working in Tokyo before attending a non-denominational seminary over these past four years. I’m so grateful now to be involved in the work of Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership, which seeks to serve city workers also on a non-denominational basis.

Studying at a non-denominational seminary opened my eyes to some of the challenges that lie ahead for Evangelicals. The history of the Evangelical church is one of constant splits. Sadly, even now it is very hard to stop this cycle. Evangelical churches rightly place their authority in God’s word, the Bible. However, my time in seminary convicted me of the challenge these frequent splits are to other parts of the Bible’s teaching, in particular the command to “Be united!”. I believe that non-denominational Christian organizations can play a very important role in this area. As I serve, I am eager not to think too highly of my own denominational heritage, rather I want to develop a humble and open heart to provide spiritual care and encourage other people’s faith whatever their background.

I also pray that my experience of the business world will enable me to play a role in bringing the gospel to those who work in business. I believe that there is a great connection between business and the gospel. If a company has been blessed it is only because God’s has poured out his common grace blessing on them. But we also believe that the Gospel, God’s special saving grace, can bring the saving power of the Good News of Jesus to the people of these companies. Jesus came to this world bringing the Kingdom of God. We believe that it is important for us to live as disciples of the King, not just on Sundays but also in our workplaces.

I am pleased to be able to use my experience to walk alongside those who are working in Tokyo and to encourage people’s faith beyond denominational boundaries. I’m sure I will face many challenges in this new role but I very much look forward to working with you all.