Vision and Prayer requests【Autumn 2022 Newsletter】

Why a church in Marunouchi?

The Marunouchi area is home to about 40 office buildings, including the headquarters of financial institutions, trading companies, insurance companies, and manufacturers. etc., and about 120,000 businesspeople who do business on a global scale. Approximately 10-25% of Japan’s gross domestic product is generated in Marunouchi, making it the center of the Japanese economy. Many people who work in Marunouchi are viewed by their peers as secure economically and socially. However, when you talk to them, you will find that many of them are tired of competition, lonely, anxious and worried. What is work? What is family? What is happiness for me? What does it mean to live? In such a situation, knowing the God of the Bible, who teaches us the meaning of work, the meaning of life, and everything else, is what changes people’s hearts and brings the meaning and purpose of life into view. The influence the people of Marunouchi enjoy has the power to effect great change in Japan. For these reasons we want to begin  “Marunouchi Church Tokyo (MCT)”.

Prayer Requests

1. Appropriate Sunday venue
Holding church services on Sundays is lumped together under the term “religious activities,” and there is a strong tendency to not allow religious activities in the Marunouchi area. It is wonderful that in places like New York, London, Singapore, churches can provide a place of true spiritual rest and truth. We hope that Marunouchi, the center of the Japanese economy, will have similar places of deep rest and truth. Join us in praying that the Lord would provide a venue for MCT’s Sunday worship.

2. A Children’s worker.
A major pillar of MCT’s ministry is the children’s program. In order for a couple working in Marunouchi to turn their hearts to the Word of God in worship, receive it deeply, think about it together, and walk in faith and obedience, a special program for children, separate from their parents, would be great. Through this children’s program, we long to see a solid foundation established for the faith of each precious child. We are praying for a Children’s worker with a deep love of ministry to children to join us in this work. 

*In October, the MCT church video will be released. Please watch it and tell your friends as well !